Midland Contracting, Inc specializes in Grading, Excavation, Recycling, and Gravel Lay Down.


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Midland Contracting has the experience and equipment to do various sizes of grading from complete highway reconstruction to residential projects.  Midland’s grading equipment is GPS equipped to give the customer the best product possible.

Sitework & Prep

Midland Contracting has successfully completed many sitework projects.  Midland provides services for the commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural industries to build a site that best fits the needs of the customer.

Gravel Laydown

Midland Contracting prides itself in high production gravel lay down with GPS guided equipment. We also provide the appropriate support equipment required to get the project completed in a cost effective timely manner.

Concrete & asphalt recycling

Midland has done various types of recycling from interstates, highways, city streets and parking lots.  Midland is capable of milling, reclaiming, crushing of concrete and asphalt materials.


Midland Contracting has a full fleet of hauling units capable of hauling large quantities and various types of materials.

Pipe & Culvert Installation

Midland Contracting has completed various pipe installation projects in roadways and building sites.  We are capable of installing various size and types of pipe.


Midland Contracting is a material supplier for Huron, SD and the surrounding area.  The products marketed are base course, gravel cushion surfacing and pit run material, which all meet the specifications of the South Dakota DOT.  Various types of fill material are available in the Huron, SD and surrounding area.

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